Aug 22, 2011


Tessa - an audience of SHARING-COMIC said  " It is naive to think that people won't distribute your files just because you put a lot of effort into it. Just think about the scanlation groups [how much effort they put into the files they share] and yet you can find hundreds of other sites that share their files even if they ask people not to. So they came with another idea: "you can share our files, but credit the site where you got them". Why not do the same? My suggestion is: do this if you like doing it, but don't expect people to not share this. It's 100% impossible. We're talking about internet here where everyone shares everything."

I have to recognize that what she said is completely right. Moreover, I really really don't want to close SHARING-COMIC, so I have a way to solve this problem and hope people will conform to SHARING-COMIC's rule.

"People can share files on SHARING - COMIC to any website, but please give credits to the address of the site SHARING-COMIC where people get them. "

P.S.: I'm sincerely sorry Tessa because I used your message without asking permission.

Vietnamese - Tiếng Viêt

Cách giải quyết duy nhất cho vấn đề mang truyện ra khỏi SHARING-COMIC mà không cần xin phép:

"Mọi người có thể mang truyện trên SHARING-COMIC đến bất kì trang web nào đều được, nhưng nhớ ghi rõ địa chỉ website của SHARING-COMIC, nơi bạn đã lấy truyện. Mọi người vui lòng thực hiện đúng nội quy của SHARING-COMIC. Chân thành cảm ơn."

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People can share files on SHARING-COMIC, but please give the credits to SHARING-COMIC where people get them.

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