Aug 20, 2010

By Lila Wolves
After recently moving into his grandmothers house in the countryside, Yukio is bored with everything despite his success as a novelist. That is, until one day, when a young girl with a stray cat appears at his doorstep. A girl with a very tragic look in her eyes... 

Alternative Title: 一个爱情故事 (チカ CHIKA)
Author (s):   Chika
Artist(s)   :   Chika
Genre(s)  :   Romance, Shoujo
Volumes  :   4 (On-going)
[Eng] --> Chapter 1->27 (*new*)
[RAW- Japanese] --> Vol 1/ Vol 2/ Vol 3
[RAW- Chinese] --> Chapter 7-12/ Chapter 13Chapter 14/ Chapter 15 - Mirror
[RAW- Chinese] --> Chapter 16 - Mirror/ Chapter 17 - Mirror 
[RAW- Chinese] --> Chapter 18 - Mirror 
[RAW- Chinese] -->Chapter 19 - Mirror 

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  1. i just wonder can you make some spoiler since i can't understand chinese? is that girl lives under his care?

  2. lol me,too.
    I just know a little Chinese. It is not enough to make spoiler. Sorry (*O*)

  3. thank you so much for the new chapter!
    it sure does look very interesting. although, i don't know chinese, ha ha.
    i've "read" all the other works that you posted of the mangaka and i really liked it all.
    will you post new chapters of this manga, or post other works of this mangaka?
    again, thank you so much for this chapter! :)

  4. I'm sure I will find other works of the mangaka CHIKA and share them to you guys. Chika is one of my favorite mangaka. (reason: this mangaka's works are almost smut genre. lol).

    Secretly, I have FUYUMORI Yukiko's "Koiame Himitsu Fuumi" which is also the kind of Smut manga. Hope you as well as other you guys like it.(*O*)

  5. thank you so much for the new chapters!
    I really hope you'lle find the rest of the chapter, cause it's truely addicting
    i love CHIKA's manga

  6. Our group has decided to take this project. so if your interested in the next few days... hopefully... we will have the first chapter up!
    ~Lila Wolves

  7. It is wonderful!
    As soon as your group finishes the first chapter, please inform to me or post up on mangaupdate.I'm glad this manga by English is about to be released (*O*)

  8. We have just uploaded the first chapter a couple hours ago! I hope you enjoy it!

  9. Thank you so much for the raw I read the first episode and I liked

  10. i reaaly enjoyed reading it, thank u so much u guys made my day :))

  11. thanks so much for the raw n_n

  12. I love it~ Thank you~

  13. Thank you very much!!

  14. What is the secret number to ch 13 ?

  15. Are you asking what the password is?
    Please look at "PASSWORD" item on the horizontal menu. It is put beside "RECENT UPDATES" item.

  16. Thank you very much!!
    CHIKA's manga so cute x)

  17. can you please send me raw kore wa koi no hanashi love your story inthis one my i sweari wouldn't them gave anyone the raw love story it's very good story too meread it a less 35 times

  18. @Angie23: Why don't you download above links? These files are relative large so it is difficult for me to send them to your via-mail. :(

  19. I try those downloads above links theydidn't wanted worki got blank file but really like get chapter 17 and 18 can you please email me really love this story



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