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1. Downloading Guidance

1.1. If you want to download files in "Mangatraders" web, you first have to create your account.


A) These are 2 videos which I made by myself  will help you HOW to download e-READ 6.0 and e-READ 8.0
--> I uploaded them up You can watch online or download them back. It is completely up to you.
--> If you want to download them , please rememeber 2 video which has the extension ".wmv" and ".flv" . Your computer don't have the program to open them, you can download the program "FLV PLAYER".

B) File extension STK " *. stk" in Isoshu web you must use e-READ software to read --> HERE .
Then do following steps :

_ Step 1: To download file stk and e-READ (using English version software easier than Chinese version)

_ Step 2: To setup/ run e-READ and if  you use Moliza Firefox, you should choose one more "Browser Solutions". And in table Browser Solutions -> choose Firefox solutions --> find firefox.exe in program files of drive (C) .

_ Step 3: Which one you want:

+  Method 1: Open e-READ software, then the left column you click "comic" in Book Category item ->then click " Import" to find "file stk" which is told in step 1. Finally, you have to click "Read".

+  Method 2 : Just need to click  directly on "file stk" which is told in step 1. This method is more easier usage than the other.

  • When you see " Weblink", it refers to read online.
  • When you see "Download", it refers to bring files back your computer.
  • INFORM: 2 downloading links such as Megaupload and Deposit Files on "" still work well. They are not died links.

    1.4.  Remember! All files on this blog I have found from plenty of blogs or journalists or webs. I don't own or scan them. I just collect them from other sources and share with fans. I hope you  will find your favorite comic the most easily.

    2.Reading Comic Without Unzipping

    You can download files back your computer, but you can't open to read files containing  the extension .rar or .zip. Don't worry about that because we have a lot of useful tools (i.e: CDisplay software) in reading comic without unzipping. If you meet the problem like above, let come to Bishiehaven blog, he or she gave us specific instructions. Please to go to this link: HERE

    I hope it will be useful for you (*O*)

    3.Using Archives on Horizontal Menu

    2.1. Let imitate/ copy like the below image:

     News 04/05/2010

    When you download any files from the website to your computer, you always worry about whether those files has got to be infected virus or not. Therefore,  I 'd like to apply useful  information for you.

    Scan Virus for files on website before downloading (only Mozilla Firefox)

    • When you want to scan any files or websites before downloading , you need to move mouse to place “link” and then click right mouse on that link, next choose Scan with Dr.Web - symbol spider in background green and wait a moment in order that the program scans virus online for you.

    • Finish up scanning, if you see word “CLEAN” , it will mean those files or webs are completely worthy of trust. But if you see word “INFECTED” , you can see under rows to know those files or webs containing virus name and prevent from it.

    I’m sorry persons use Internet Explorer (IE), Opera (O)software because I only use firefox, other kinds I don’t care much. I’m sure Internet Explorer, Opera software also has scanning program virus before downloading. If someone know how to do it on IE, O, you guys can share information together.

     News 06/05/2010

    For persons used E-read 6.0

    We have some persons meet the circumstance which e-read 6.0 doesn't work . It required that users should use new versions as e-read 7.0, e-read 8.0 by Chinese version.

    Therefore, today I want inform you guys that e-read 7.0 by English version and e-read 8.0 by Chinese version are actually the same " Chinese language". They have been difficult to use at many sides. I have tried using them many times but unsuccessful. At present, I haven't still found any "exactly" English version of e-read 7.0. If it has, I will inform later.

    Solution: Please uninstall e-read 6.0 in your computer. Next download e-read 6.0 in "Download Guidance" on my blog and setup (run) it again. It is completely okay because I tried and be successful as I expected. (*O*)

    News 18/05/2010

    On Chinese webs people have often posted manga in form each chapter. You know the majority of people don't have full equipments to scan manga such as a scanned machine...
    Based on many many old and new manga(s) on Chinese web I see they have used a similar method taking a picture (photographing) page by page, so it has spent much time being done the work. And because I have got manga(s) from these resources, my files on the blog has also been posted in the same form (chapter by chapter). If you want to read the full volume, it will be impossible to happen. I'm sorry about this inconvenience.

    P.S. Sometimes some manga(s) on my blog I had got to write "The same author's....." and at that position I put a link to go to the place that you could download them. (*O*)

    News 23/05/2010

    Downloading Errors or Opening-file Errors

    When you meet problems related with downloading errors or opening-file errors, you should inform me early so that I know and fix them at the soonest time. You just need to comment the broken link or something else at that manga. It's all. (*O*)


    First Read!!!

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