Dec 22, 2011

From Chibi Manga:
Himemiya Mitsuki, 16 years old. She was just a normal girl who had a crush on her neighbor. Until the day of her birthday come... 

Alternative Title:  蔷薇&铳弹 (华夜)
Author(s) : Kayoru
Artist(s)   : Kayoru
Genre(s)  : Fantasy, Romance, School Life, Shoujo, Supernatural 
Volume(s):  1 (On-going)
--> Thanks Dimitria for below Brazilian files ^_^
[RAW- Chinese] -> Chapter 1- Mirror
[RAW- Brazilian] -> Chapter 2 
[RAW- Brazilian] -> Chapter 3 - Mirror 1 Mirror 2 
[RAW- Chinese] -> Chapter 4 - Mirror (*new*)
[RAW- Brazilian] -> Chapter 5 (*new*)

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  1. wat !! dis blog is fur vietnamese ppl ?

  2. Sorry, I don't understand what you say
    Could you please to write more clearly?

    P.S. I have 2 blogs. My Sharing-comic blog specializes in providing free manga, manhwa and manhua for all of people over the world.

    My another blog specializes in Western novels translated into Vietnamese. And of course it is for Vietnamese people. If you know Vietnamese language, I please to welcome you to ""

    1. Yay! có chap 3 chưa ạ [ Vietnamese of course ]

  3. dis is the brazilian RAW fur dis chap :D it CHAP 2 on top of dat yay.... ^_^

  4. Bara to Juudan chap 3 in not working right.
    It need a password for 7zip.
    I you guy need to git a nother one I think.

  5. CH3 in a better quality:

  6. Chapter 5: (:

  7. - Plz, i need pass of chap 4

  8. dude duh pass is on top of duh title Bara to juudan :|...just find duh word password -__- it there but i'll just giv duh pass to u it renesmeecarliecullen

  9. Chị ơi, chap 4 pass là gì vậy?



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