Apr 11, 2010

Title :          The Expert Love
Alternative Title: 恋爱专家
Author(s) : DOUMOTO Nao
Artist(s)   :   DOUMOTO Nao
Genre(s)  : Shoujo, Romance, Smut
Volume    : 1 (Complete)

Title :          Prince And I
Alternative Title:  王子和我
Author(s) :   OOTANI Noriko
Artist(s)   :   OOTANI Noriko
Genre(s)  : Shoujo, Romance
Volume    : 1 (Complete)

Title :          Love Game (TOKIYAMA Hajime)
Alternative Title:  恋爱比赛
Author(s) :   TOKIYAMA Hajime
Artist(s)   :   TOKIYAMA Hajime
Genre(s)  : Shoujo, Romance , Josei
Volume    : 1 (Complete)

From StarryHeaven:
Experiencing first love through a kimono fetish!? Komako will do whatever it takes to get both the desire to wear stylish kimono's and the man who also looks so good in them.
Title :          Kimono wa Tsumide Gozaimasu 
Alternative Title:  全是和服惹的祸
Author(s) :  FUJINAKA Chise
Artist(s)   :   FUJINAKA Chise
Genre(s)  : Shoujo, Romance , Comedy
Volume    : 1 (Complete)

 Title :          Love in Kangnam
Alternative Title:  情定江南行
Author(s) :  LIN Yu Chin
Artist(s)   :   LIN Yu Chin
Genre(s)  : Shoujo, Romance, Historical
Volume    : 1 (Complete)
--> The same author's  "Wedding" and  "Visionary the Other Side"

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